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Syria Begins to Weigh on Markets -- Or Not

Posted by WorldWideMarkets . on Aug 28, 2013 3:11:00 AM
News that western powers have told the Syrian opposition to expect a strike against the forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad jolted markets at the New York open on Tuesday across most asset classes and continues Wednesday. The flight to safety has helped gold, the yen and the Swiss franc as well as high rated government debt. For an investor the mantra is not to get nervous. Syria is not going to become a wider conflict. These things flare up from time to time and then lose their impact. A day trader can get caught but an investor with a time horizon of even a few weeks can wait it out until stabilization and markets act more rationally. The human story in Syria and war generally is always horrific. Investing is for steady heads. EM units were already falling before the Syrian concerns based on the expectation of U.S. stimulus tapering. That is the logical force at play. The Indian rupee, now trading at a record low of 68.75, is a case in point.indian rupee tradingg

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